the menu

Look forward to a wide range of tasty ramen dishes and drinks. Our classic Tonkotsu is slowly simmered for 16 hours and we offer a wide variety of other options, both with and without meat. One thing is for certain – you won’t be disappointed.

What customers say

Zhayna S.

This pork belly was to die for, so crispy and nice flavor.

Justin C

I was invited to an early tasting and I was blown away. Just when I thought I'd had the best ramen in Queens, Shuku surpassed my expections.

Elton C

Fan of Mike Chen? Aka strictly dumpling well this is his restaurant he announced he was opening during covid. Took a while for this whole place to fully open up but boy am I happy.

Nicole L

Not a single drop was spared

April L

Every dish was amazing. Service was attentive, and the food didn't take long.

Todd N

The Tonkotsu Ramen is AMAZING.

The BEST-tasting ramen in Queens.